Emaze Travel Presentation

This assignment was to make a presentation about a place I would visit. I used emaze to make my presentation about my country, Island. I started by making the slides and getting information I would need and siting that on my last slide. I then added images and changed font sizes and color to make my presentation visually appealing. I personal liked using emaze although at some times it could get a little glitchy it was easy to use because I already knew all of the tools. I am very happy with my final product because I like the way the slides are formatted. I can use this tool in my other classes when I have to make a presentation or to organize my information for a big project or essay.

Did you know?

After watching the video did you know the thing I found most surprising was that adults and teachers are preparing us from jobs that do not even exist yet and no one has any clue what will be. MY future job cold be working to find a solution to coming that isn't even a problem yet. Technology has already greatly influenced my life in many ways. Some being the fact that now schools actively use technology throughout the school day to help students further learn. Another way is the fact that alarm clocks, gps, and music plus many other features can be accessed through your smartphone. Future technology advances I can imagine in my life are being able to access people at any time like face time but you would pop up in front of the other person as in  real life conversation. I think that technology could impact me in the future professionally because my job could be something that is not even a job yet. I think technology could effect me in the future personally by changing the way we…


This animal is called the Doat. It is a rare mixed breed between a duck and a goat. This is a baby of the species. It is very shy and as you can see it is hopping away from me as this picture is being taken. It is a very gentle creature and enjoys eating flowers and other grasses. I captured this picture in a meadow in North Ireland whilst on a journey to find this majestic creature. This creature enjoys playing with its friends in the meadow and prancing around.

Photoshop Reflection

This is my favorite image out of the Photoshop unit. This is my favorite because I like the outcome of how it turned out. This was a very hard image to Photoshop because if I selected any part of the pupil it would select all of the eyelashes which I did not want to be selected. This was one of my hardest images to Photoshop because of that problem with the eyelashes. I created this by using the magic wand to select the part I wanted to be colorful then, I went into adjustments and clicked black and white to make the back round black and white. Although I am very happy with the outcome. Overall I really like this Photo shopping program, I think it is easy to use once you learn how to use all of the programs. I could use this in my other classes like any class I have to make a presentation in and can add an image. Another way I could use it in an art class to make my images stand out.


For this assignment we were supposed to create a list of words that describe ourselves. Then we went into Tagxedo and pasted all of the words into it to make a photo collage. I liked using Tagxedo because it is an easy tool to use it is not very complicated and it was fun picking out the colors and shapes. I very am happy with my final product. I could use this in other classes by creating other tagxedos when having to do work with lists of words.